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The ERP solution that covers almost all business processes of your company. Master the ever-increasing competitive pressure by increasing customer focus and increasing the effectiveness of your internal business processes.
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The main modules merchandise management, accounting and production support your company in further growth.

Main module Merchandise management:

Purchase / Sales (Document Management), Warehouse Management (Articles, Bills of Material, Inventory, Warehouse, Supplier Catalog), Projects, Post, Human ressources, Export, Import, Master Data, Contracts, etc.

Additional package CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Documentation and management of customer relationships, mailing campaigns, contact reports, sales territories, international cities, agent management

Additional package Human Resources

Managing the HR master, accounting and payroll settings, qualification profiles with documentation, educational and career path, workstation management

Additional package Logistics 

Manage transport services, fleet and logbooks, logistical connection to DPD, UPS, etc.

Additional package Quality management

Test equipment management, inspection plans, inspection orders in purchasing, sales and production, statistics

Additional package Management

Corporate structure, projects, tasks, reports

Main package Accounting:

Standard postings, open items, posting, document posting, batch posting, cash journal, payment transactions, dunning, cost center / carrier evaluation, key figure analysis with graphical display

Additional package Asset accounting

Recording of all fixed assets, depreciation methods linear and degressive as well as special depreciation, optional monthly or annual depreciation

Additional package Withholding tax

Recording and consideration of various withholding tax types in document management (purchasing / sales) as well as in financial accounting.

 Main package Production:

Master data (resources, material, time management), remaining parts management, production orders, multi-level BOMs, routing / work preparation, flexible costing, document management, recording of working time intervals on production orders, external production, sales material planning, production program planning, single, series, variant and machine production

Additional package Capacity planning

Planning the resources machine, material and man

Additional package External production

Operations of external production, Price and order management for external production

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