PC systems


Manufacturing PC

JENTECH computers offer you everything that you can except from a modern PC. Highquality components, high craftmanship, efficiency and realibility are symbolic for our PCs.

Personal computers from the house of JENTECH are a good investment for the future, since they can be easily upgraded or re-equipped at a later date, in order to meet your requirements and that of ever changing technology.

We will find the right solution for you and your company. This includes powerful and reliable personal computers for use in companies.

We manufacture personal computers in various product categories. Starting from simple desktop PCs up to systems in the mid-range and high-end range. The configuration of the systems is done according to your wishes.

  • Casing: Desktop, Miditower, Big Tower, Server Tower, Super Tower
  • All with a 3-year full warranty (optionally 4 years, 24 on-site service)
  • Periphery: scanners, printers, monitors, UPSs, etc.

1. Planning

2. Production

3. Quality assurance