High performance computing

High-performance computing is increasingly important in scientific computing as an aid for the calculation, modeling and simulation of complex systems and for the processing of huge amounts of measured data. Such applications can be found today in all areas of natural and technical sciences. Typical areas of application are meteorology and climate research, astro- and particle physics, biology, genetics, quantum chemistry and fluid mechanics.

But in commercial computing, there are applications of high-performance computing. Many of them are of scientific origin (eg weather forecast, crash test simulation, flow simulation in aircraft construction). But there are also applications without scientific character, z. For example, in the production of animation films or database applications of the financial industry and in the placement of telephone connections.
JENTECH AG develops and manufactures high performance computers based on:

Parallel computer shelves in 19 "computer cabinets

In air-conditioned 19 "increments, several computer compartments are installed, which calculate in parallel via fast data buses.

Blade computer

Multiple blade bays with 512MB RAM and 2 processors are interconnected in blade centers and communicate via fast interfaces (data transfer via Ethernet 40Gbe / s or Infiniband QDR / FDR).
This allows units of up to 14 bays with max. 28 processors can be realized.

GPU computing

Combination of up to 4 GPU cards per high-performance computer in special slots with sufficient cooling.